Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

A few years ago, for the first time in their lives, a group of singing students performed a revue program in Munich’s hotel Penta. However, it was no ordinary concert. Posing as waiters, the singers were serving guests when suddenly their singing performance began. The surprise was perfect – the singing waiters.

The singing students came from the Richard Strauss School of music in Munich. I was there too. I sang the couplet of the Czupan Kolomann from the Gypsy Baron. We sang this program often, and it was one of our favorites. We performed in an exclusive environment and were always successful (the "Tantris" restaurant in Munich, the "Dachau" palace near Munich, the "Fuschl" palace near Salzburg, the "Bayerischer Hof" hotel in Munich, composer Petr Hapka’s 65th birthday’s celebration in the Slávia café, "Kampa Park" restaurant in Prague, the "Villa am See" hotel in Teegernsee etc.).

Our repertoire included opera arias, songs, couplets and melodies from operettas as well as classical scores from musicals and movies. Included were hits from Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, even French chansons and encores and surprises of all kinds.

Today, I would like to offer you a similar program which, amongst many others, also features me. I hope that you will have as much fun as countless other satisfied guests have...

Sincerely Yours, Radek Šidla