Melodies from Musicals and Movies

F. Loewe - My fair lady:

  1. "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" (Eliza)
  2. "With A Little Bit Of Luck" (Doolittle)
  3. "The Rain in Spain" (Eliza & Higgins)
  4. "Get Me To The Church On Time" (Doolittle)
  5. "I Could Have Dance Tonight" (Eliza)

G. Gershwin - Porgy and Bess:

  1. "Summertime"
  2. "I got plenty o'nothin'"
  3. "Bess, you are my woman now"
  1. J. Kern - "Ol' man river" (Showboat)
  2. A. L. Webber - "Memory" (Cats)
  3. P. Anka – "My way"
  4. J. Kander – "New York, New York"
  5. A. L. Webber - "All I asked you..." (Phantom of the Opera)